Agreement Terms

• To secure a date for bridal or non-bridal services, clients must complete a signed contract.
• Additionally, 50% of the total cost is required at the time of signing the contract as a deposit.
• It’s important to note that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
• The deposit amount will be applied to the final payment.

• All payments are due on the day of the service, typically after every booking date.
• This means that client is expected to settle the remaining balance on the day the makeup and hair services are provided.

• Any additional makeup or hair applications beyond what is initially agreed upon will be provided if there is sufficient
time once all scheduled services have been completed.

• Consultations are available for both brides and non-bridal party members, with different terms for each.
• The first 30 minutes consultation for brides are free, while non-bridal clients get 15 minutes free and are charged $25
for every additional 15 minutes.

• The location for the day-of-event service is at the discretion of the client.
• The client is responsible for providing a table (to set up their tools and products), chair and electrical outlet for the
artist to plug in their hot tools (such as curling irons or hair straighteners) and lights. This is crucial for ensuring that
the artist has the necessary power supply for their equipment.
• Clients are required to have a clean face, free of any makeup, only have moisturizer on their face. Clients are advised
to wear a low cut or strapless shirt on.
• The makeup artist is not liable for any clothing stained by makeup during the application process. This underscores
the importance of wearing appropriate attire that can be easily removed without affecting the completed makeup and
• Clients should have their outfit, jewellery, and/or scarf ironed and ready upon the artist’s arrival. This helps
streamline the process and ensure that the client’s desired look can be achieved more efficiently.

• Travel fees vary depending on the service location and may change without notice.
• For out-of-town or destination weddings requiring overnight stays, clients ate responsible for reimbursing hotel
accommodations, food, flights, car rental, gas and any additional travel fees.
• Clients are responsible for any parking fees incurred.

• The final balance is due on the booking day and must be paid as one payment by the person(s) who has signed the
contract or whose name is on the invoice.
• A late fee of $25 will be charged for every 15 minutes of delay when a client is late for their scheduled appointment
time or if the scheduled makeup and hair services exceed the allotted time due to client delays.

• If the wedding is postponed or cancelled, the deposit amount will be held and transferred to a new date within one year
of the original booking date if the artist is available.
• The deposit is non-transferable to anyone else.
• The deposit is only refundable if the artist cancels within 5 days of the original booking date. In the event the artist
cancels the booking due to emergency/ severe health condition, an alternative makeup artist will be arranged at the
same cost.
• If the client chooses not to proceed with the alternative artist, Glam by Shiny is not responsible for any incurred costs.
• Payments and deposits for trials are non-refundable.
• Completed makeup and/or hair trial services will not be refunded under any circumstances.
• To avoid potential issues, it is recommended to book the future wedding date before the trial.
• For bridal parties/ group bookings, if a client cancels or reduces booked services less than 24 hours before the
appointment, they are still required to pay for all cancelled services, as other family/ guests may not fill the vacancies.
• In case of a dispute, Glam by Shiny is liable for damages up to the total contract price.

• Brushes and makeup products are maintained in a sanitary condition. All products are sanitized between makeup
applications to ensure hygiene.
• Clients are required to report any skin conditions to the makeup artist before makeup application.
If necessary, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the client’s skin to check for any adverse reactions.
• In the event of a dispute between the client and Glam by Shiny’s artists, Glam by Shiny’s liability is limited to
damages up to the total contract price. This means that if there is a disagreement or issue, the maximum amount that
can be claimed in damages or compensation is the total price specified in the contract between the client and Glam by

These terms and conditions outline the financial and logistical expectations for clients of Glam by Shiny when booking and
cancelling services for any event type bookings. And to ensure the safety of the client and outline the extent of liability in case of
any disputes or issues that may arise during the makeup application process. Clients are advised to communicate any skin
conditions and concerns in advance and understand the limitations of potential compensation in case of a dispute.
Clients should carefully review and understand these terms before entering into an agreement with the service provider. By
signing and dating this document, clients are confirming their understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions outlines
in the contract, creating a legally binding agreement between the client and Glam by Shiny.

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